Conversational AI: What It Is and How To Use It

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examples of conversational ai

A well-designed IVR software system can help improve contact centre operations and KPIs while also increasing customer satisfaction. An efficient interactive voice response system can assist consumers in locating answers and doing simple activities on their own, especially during times of heavy call volume. The natural language capabilities of SmartAction are top notch, thanks to a vast database of scheduling-related data. Think of just about any type of scheduling-related task and SmartAction can take care of it for you. Conversational AI gives greater insight into the habits of the customer, which in turn, helps speed up the responses of the chatbot. As customer queries get more and more complex, it is Conversational AI that helps companies deal with a wide array of customers.

  • AI-pushed conversational AI is becoming more and more popular as a manner to enhance client engagement, automate lead generation, and force conversions.
  • Once the recording is in the system, when the customer calls to find out their results, a conversational AI software can pull up and inform the caller of the results.
  • These systems are developed on massive volumes of conversational data to learn language comprehension and generation.
  • Voice recognition technology in the medical field has broad use, but the most popular use case refers to scheduling doctor’s appointments and sending automated reminders.

If you’re ready to get started building your own conversational AI, you can try IBM’s watsonx Assistant Lite Version for free. You can always add more questions to the list over time, so start with a small segment of questions to prototype the development process for a conversational AI. This platform also takes security and privacy matters seriously with measures, such as visual recognition security and a private cloud for your users’ data. Insert the phrase “conversational AI” into G2, and you’ll get over 200 results. All of these companies claim to have innovative software that will help your business and your personal needs. Keep in mind that AI is a great addition to your customer service reps, not a replacement for them.

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Conversational AI can assist users with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, or language limitations, ensuring equal access to information and services. Our sister community, Reworked gathers the world’s leading employee experience and digital workplace professionals. The use of smart speakers and virtual assistants has facilitated the acceptance of conversational AI in the household. According to Google, 53% of people who own a smart speaker said it feels natural speaking to it, and many reported it feels like talking to a friend.

Chatbot vs. conversational AI: What’s the difference? –

Chatbot vs. conversational AI: What’s the difference?.

Posted: Wed, 26 Jul 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Hybrid chatbots combine both AI and rule-based benefits such that they are trained to say specific things in response to user queries but can also leverage NLP in order to understand the user’s intent. Conversational AI is any software that a person can talk to, whether it is a chatbot, social messaging app, interactive agent, smart device or digital worker. These solutions allow people to ask questions, find support, or complete tasks remotely. Conversational based artificial intelligence uses machine learning and NLP to communicate with users in a natural way. And when it comes to complex queries, the conversational AI platform needs to hand over the chat to a human agent. While implementing the platform, adding agents/departments to the platform and ensuring the handover is smooth and to the right person can be a challenge for some.

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To add to this, the platform should be compatible with other tools and tech stacks for smooth integrations and sharing of data. And when it comes to customer data, it should be able to secure the data and prevent threats. Customers get personalised responses while interacting with conversational AI.

examples of conversational ai

Therefore, it’s important when evaluating Conversational AI applications to inquire about the accuracy of its ASR models. Educating your customer base on opportunities can help the technology be more well-received and create better experiences for those who are not familiar with it. 💡Find out how a leading telco increases the ROI of communication in customer service, sales and HR with a Conversational AI Chatbot. In the first month, the chatbot solved more than 700 questions, and handed over approximately 150 questions to a live support agent. As a solution, an AI chatbot was developed in order to answer the travelers’ most common questions, which ended up helping thousands of young European explorers on their journeys. As you can see, conversational artificial intelligence has a wide implementation in the business world.


Here’s an example of using chatbots beyond lead generation, i.e., lead nurturing. Instapage asks visitors a bunch of preliminary questions before assigning them to a sales rep or proposing a plan. This is how they get such a detailed understanding of their buyer personas and efficiently convert prospects into customers. With this approach, chatbots can qualify leads before sending them over to sales teams.

Are Alexa and Siri AI? – Fox News

Are Alexa and Siri AI?.

Posted: Thu, 18 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

NLP, or Natural Language Processing, is like the language skills of conversational AI. Just as we humans understand and respond to language, NLP helps AI systems understand and interact with human language. It’s all about teaching computers to understand what we’re saying, interpret the meaning, and generate relevant responses. NLP algorithms analyze sentences, pick out important details, and even detect emotions in our words.

Understand customer preferences to give them personalized suggestions

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