Chinese Poker Rules, How to Play & Hand Rankings

In Open-Face, the 1-6 approach is commonly employed, which means that each player awards you an additional 3 units only if you sweep and win all three hands. As their backhand beats each of the other players’ backhands (+3 units overall), Player 1 receives units from each of the other players. The maximum number of players is 4 because each player will receive 13 cards at the start of each round of gameplay. However, gaming with two or three individuals is quite fine and permitted. Although this sounds a bit obvious to say, it should really be the foundation of your strategy when playing Chinese poker. Even if you get lousy cards, make sure that one of your hands is as strong as possible.

  • This table shows how often you can expect to win with each hand.
  • Usually, Chinese Poker is played with the option to surrender.
  • The Clean Dragon is a natural hand, meaning it is dealt without the hand being set in any way.
  • The discards are only seen by the player that drew the card, which can be used as an advantage to deny your opponent of high-scoring cards that they’re looking for.

Since a player is arranging his cards one at a time, this isn’t always possible. If he or she has already played a pair of kings in middle, and has a straight draw on the bottom using cards all lower than a king, he or she must complete the straight. In the 1–6 method, Bob would pay Amy one unit; again Amy receives two points for winning front and back and loses one for losing middle, but they do not receive any bonus units.

For two pair and one pair combinations, the quality of the top (or single) pair is of paramount importance. Kickers or the lower pair (when holding two pair) are irrelevant though. House rules vary, but it’s also common for the Fantasyland player to set the hand face-down, and not change it before the other players start their round. In addition to the bonuses for big hands, there’s a special rule, which started out as another way to add drama to the game, but has since become a standard, big part of OFC strategy. If playing OFC three- or four-handed, each player scores against each player independently.

Splitting Pairs

Although the game can be played with two or three players as well, four hands of 13 cards are always dealt — all cards must be used. Once all the cards are arranged, players place their hands face down systematically on the table. First comes the bottom, then the middle, and then the top is lined up furthest away from the player. If you manage to set trips in the middle hand you can expect to win at least two-thirds of the time on average.

How to play Chinese Poker

For Chinese Poker enthusiasts, Ignition Casino offers various game types and formats to choose from. Players can play Chinese Poker online for real money and win big prizes. The platform provides players with exciting bonuses and promotions such as deposit bonus and weekly tournaments with significant prize pools. Chinese Poker and Open Face Chinese Poker are popular variants of poker that can be played online for real money.

How to Play Open Face Chinese Poker

Sometimes players agree to award special hands with extra points. A game variant called Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) deals each player the first five of 13 cards to begin the game. Each player takes those five cards and starts assembling their three hands, with all cards face up.

Some modified rule sets allow the royalty bonus to cancel out and only the point for the hand/row is added. Some rules say that players are only allowed to claim one royalty per hand. For Chinese Poker enthusiasts, Bovada offers various game types and formats to choose from. Players can enjoy playing Chinese Poker online for real money and win big prizes. The platform provides players with exciting bonuses and promotions such as deposit bonus and daily tournaments with big prize pools. Natural8 is a popular online gaming platform that caters to players worldwide.


In some variants all royalties are worth the same amount (e.g., 1 unit per royalty). In other variants each royalty is given a different payout (e.g., 1 unit for a four of a kind in the back, and 2 units for a straight flush in the back). Normally only the winner may be awarded a royalty (e.g., four sevens in the back beats four sixes in the back; therefore, only the player with sevens is awarded a royalty).

Most commonly, the game is played heads-up between just two opponents. In the 1–6 method the player receives 1 unit for each of the three hands they win, and 3 bonus units (on top of the three for the hands) if they win all three hands. Scoring in OFC is similar to Chinese Poker in that a point is typically won for every hand that you beat of your opponents. Royalties are also awarded for making particular hands and there are bonuses for scooping. Penalties are given for fouling or surrendering your hand as well. Royalties usually pay higher in Open Face, as it’s much harder to make strong hands because you don’t know which cards are coming. The back hand must always be stronger than the middle hand, and the middle hand must be stronger than the front hand.

Chinese poker

As with traditional Chinese Poker, the goal is to have the best three hands possible and win the pot. Develop the skill of reading your opponents’ hands based on their discards and the cards they play face-up. Try to deduce the strength of their hands and adjust your strategy accordingly.

The most recent online casino games IPL live matches and online betting can be found in our sports section. Play Chinese Poker online against three AI players, analyze your play, and find better strategies. This Chinese Poker App works in a browser and requires no download or registration. Because one does not know their full hand from the start, royalties are a little different in Chinese Poker. Open-Faced Chinese Poker and a game called Pineapple are the two basic varieties of the game of Chinese Poker.

The screenshots used above to illustrate OFC rules are from the ABC Open-Face Chinese Poker App, available for the iPhone and iPad. There are several other good apps for playing OFC on mobile, against friends, against strangers, or against a computer opponent. While it’s OK to quit the game or to get dealt out to take a smoke or a phone call at the beginning of an OFC hand, any hand started must be completed until Starzino scoring. If a player has a royalty each opponent has to pay him a predefined number of points for that hand with no effect on the usual showdown. Sometimes you’re allowed to surrender your hand before the showdown. Surrendering is typically more expensive than losing two of three hands but cheaper than being scooped. You should be much more willing to lose single hands while trying to scoop the whole shebang.

Therefore, a scoop will give you six points, whereas your opponent loses six points. There are also a few variants of the game that have caught a bit of steam in the poker community. One well-known variant is “criss-cross OFC,” which simply consists of two player playing two hands each, to form a four-handed OFC game. The hottest new variant of OFC that actually changes some rules is called "pineapple OFC." To encourage players to take chances for big hands, OFC rewards good hands in every row with different point bonuses.

Card Hand Bonuses

In a Taiwanese variant, When a player loses all three hands to a certain player, it is considered scooped (打槍; Dǎqiāng) and is paid double of the base points. If a player scoops all three players, it is considered home-run (全壘打; Quánlěidǎ) and the payment is further doubled. However, calling a natural hand exempts it from scooping and thus scored separately. With this scoring system if a player wins two out of three hands against an opponent he or she receives 2 points (instead of 1). If he wins all three hands he receives 4 points (instead of 3 in the standard scoring system). Standard poker hand rankings are used to determine high and low hands but straights and flushes are ignored for the front (3-card) hand. As a full deck of cards on has 52 cards, only 4 players can play a hand of Chinese Poker at any one time.

Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game of Cards and Wits Fun88

Traditional Chinese poker sees all players receive all 13 cards at once, face down, and turn them face up when they’ve assembled their three hand. You win the back and middle hands, but lose the front hand to your opponent. And whether playing for fun or real money in Fun88, managing your bankroll effectively is important. Set limits on your losses and wins, and avoid chasing losses or playing at stakes beyond your comfort zone. Discipline and bankroll management are critical to long-term success. Foul hands occur when the arrangement of your cards does not adhere to the hierarchy of hands.

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