Chatbot vs Intercom 2023 Comparison

Best Intercom Alternatives for Improving Customer Relationships

intercom chatbot pricing

Intercom is a highly advanced customer engagement software that provides an all-around customer support experience. Visitors to your company’s website will chat with your agents using the widget. The left view is what the widget looks like during an active conversation. The image on the right displays some unique Intercom messaging features.

Botsonic can significantly reduce support volume, elevate and improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and empower self-service. With affordable pricing plans and a dedicated customer support team, Botsonic is committed to empowering startups with the tools they need to excel in customer engagement and support. If you are looking for a customer service platform that offers live chat, chatbots, email marketing, AI, integrations, and more in one place, Tidio is an excellent option. Tidio can help you improve customer service, increase conversions, and grow your business. Zendesk is more robust in terms of its ticket management capabilities, it offers more customization options and advanced features like a virtual call center app. On the other hand, Intercom is more focused on conversational customer support, and has more help desk features suited for live chat and messaging.

Intercom Add-on Price

It is supposed to help businesses automate customer service, sales, and marketing processes, reducing support volumes. HelpCrunch is a powerful tool that has a simple and transparent subscription system based on the number of seats. Live chat, knowledge base, in-app messaging, and whatnot come in Basic and Pro. You already know that Intercom charges per feature, but limiting analytics to premium plans is harsh, especially considering that the tool is a customer service platform and data is essential. Both in G2 and Cpaterra, most of the users (even those that rated 5 stars) complain that Intercom has horrible customer support. A tool that helps you smooth out communications with customers should be able to provide better and easier communication.

You can monitor customer success metrics to evaluate team performance. It also allows you to archive chat transcripts, so you can search through conversations on previous interactions with customers with ease. Olark chat software is the perfect solution for small teams who want to take their customer engagement and support efforts up a notch.

Why should you use an Intercom alternative?

Tidio leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your customer service. You can create AI chatbots that understand natural language, handle complex queries, and learn from customer feedback. Using it, you can analyze your customer data and segment your audience based on their interests, behavior, and needs. With Intercom, you can create personalized and automated messages, provide live chat and self-service options, and gather customer feedback and insights.

intercom chatbot pricing

This helps you avoid any potential pitfalls or drawbacks that they may have encountered. Zoho also enables you to build a self-service portal where your customers can find answers to their questions, submit requests, or rate your service. Zoho lets you create and assign tickets to your agents based on various criteria, such as priority, category, SLA, etc.

Comprehensive solutions

As of now I haven’t seen anything better than this tool in terms of bot. Intercom offers a variety of reports and a dedicated dashboard for real-time reporting and analysis. In short, you can easily track your support team’s impact and discover new ways to manage and improve overall performance. If you need a platform for more than 500 users you’d have to pay extra $15/month. If you need it for more than 1,000 users you’d have to pay another $15/month for each additional 1,000 users. It is designed to help your business grow revenue, shorten sales cycles, deliver excellent customer experiences, and strengthen brand loyalty.

  • Plus, chatbots automate tasks so you can focus on important stuff and grow your business.
  • If you wanted it all at once, you could go with the fourth ‘all-in-one’ option.
  • Upon clicking on the “get started” button, I was able to begin the registration process.
  • Intercom helps your small team manage all the communications between your business and its customers.
  • It also has a built-in chatbot feature that can be automated to answer common questions and collect leads.
  • Use HubSpot to deepen your relationship with your customers, elevate their voice, and provide a best-in-class experience.

We have huge respect for anyone who’s built a successful software company – and we’ve watched in admiration as Intercom has grown to where they are today. Our experts will research about your product and list it on SaaSworthy for FREE. That being said, you’ll need to have deep pockets if you’re a mid-sized or enterprise-level company using Intercom. Using data pulled from a number of review websites, we discovered pricing can be anywhere in the realms of $300 to over $1,000.

No need to worry cause If you need product tours, you will find in UserGuiding a great companion to Customerly. Using Intercom’s help center articles, you can bring a whole help website into a small chat box to act as a knowledge base and help users automatically and easily. Pick out the must-have features for your organization and filter out of the software that provides you with those services within your budget. At $29/agent/month, you get premium chat features, unlimited chat buttons, and social networks. The starter pack is $45/month with increased limits feature and marketing automation.

intercom chatbot pricing

But, with so many different options to build out such a powerful platform, the sheer volume can be overwhelming. When it comes to making an informed decision, transparency and organization of information is key. This is why HubSpot makes sense as an Intercom alternative for large brands who are already familiar with or using other aspects of this tool. A message will be sent to your login details, right after your account is installed.

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